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    Impact Minerals Limited (ASX:IPT) (OTCMKTS:IPPTF) is pleased to announce that it has agreed to the outright purchase of Mining Lease ML2386 that covers about 500 metres of the gold-bearing unconformity at the Company's Blackridge conglomerate-hosted gold project located about 30 km north of Clermont in central Queensland (see Figure 1 in link below).

    - Purchase of 100% of ML2386 for $30,000

    - Mining Lease occurs entirely within Impact's existing project area

    - 500 metres of prospective unconformity present at surface

    - Bulk sampling programmes to commence as soon as practicable

    The Mining Lease, which is fully granted, will be acquired from a local prospector for a cash payment of $30,000 and replacement of environmental bonds of approximately $7,000 and is subject only to Ministerial consent, expected within about six weeks.

    Impact Minerals' Managing Director Dr Mike Jones said "This is an excellent strategic acquisition for Impact given that it is a fully granted Mining Lease covering the gold-bearing unconformity at Blackridge. The granted Lease means that we can commence with little impediment directly to very large bulk samples, a key factor in determining grade in conglomerate-hosted gold deposits as demonstrated by the work of Novo Resources in the Pilbara region of Western Australia".

    "We are in the process of submitting the appropriate Plan of Operations and also designing a test work programme which in the first instance will comprise extensive trenching to expose and map the unconformity throughout the Lease. Samples from these trenches will be processed accordingly to determine the gold content. This will be an important first step in our search for a mineable resource at Blackridge".


    This announcement contains no new Exploration Results. Further details about the project and the JORC Table were given in the ASX release May 29th 2018. The Company confirms that it is not aware of any new information or data that materially affects the information included in the previous market announcement.

    The Blackridge Project is an advanced conglomerate-hosted gold project that covers the historic Blackridge and Springs mining camps which produced about 185,000 ounces of gold from 1879 to the early 1900's from surface down to depths of about 70 metres in small shafts and related underground workings.

    Further discoveries were made in the Clermont region including the Springs field in the 1930's and the total production from conglomerates in the region is estimated by the Survey to be more than 300,000 ounces of gold (ASX Release May 29th 2018).

    Impact's project covers 91 square kilometres and comprises one 100% owned Exploration Permit (E28806) and one Exploration Permit (E26066) and four Mining Lease applications (ML 100158, 59, 60 and 61) for which Impact has an option to buy 95% from Rock Solid Holdings Pty Limited (see Figure 2 in link below). The newly acquired Mining Lease ML2836 lies in the centre of the project area (see Figure 3 in link below).

    The gold produced at Blackridge was mostly hosted in basal conglomerates of Permian-aged sedimentary basins which include the mined coal measures that unconformably overlie the Anakie metamorphic rocks of Middle Ordovician age and older (see Figures 2 and 3 in link below).

    The basal conglomerates at the unconformity are reported to contain most of the gold. Average mining grades at Blackridge were between 10 g/t and 20 g/t gold with higher grades of up to 10 ounces per tonne (320 g/t) gold in places, for example at the Bantam shaft (see Figure 3 in link below) as recorded by Lionel Ball of the Geological Survey of Queensland. Ball completed detailed studies of the gold field at Blackridge in a report published in 1905 (Geological Survey of Queensland Publication No. 201: publically available).

    Figure 4 (see link below) is a coloured reproduction of a figure from Ball's report showing the distribution of gold within the basal six feet (1.8 metres) of sedimentary rock at the Bantam shaft (see Figure 3 in link below). There are high grades of gold throughout the sequence with very high grades of up to 10 ounces per tonne in the basal conglomerate "wash" which also contains narrow units of black shale.

    The unconformity between the conglomerates and underlying schist is present at surface over about 500 metres of trend on ML2386. Much of the lease is covered by loose gravel with only a few outcrops of conglomerate and schist in places. This cover, within which small gold nuggets have been found by the Lease owner, has hindered previous exploration and there has been no systematic exploration on the Lease.

    Previous Modern Exploration and Next Steps at Blackridge

    Extensive exploration occurred at Blackridge in the late 1980's and early 2000's but with little completed since that time.

    The most comprehensive exploration work was completed by Denison Resources Limited (Herbert, 1989: Geology and Gold Potential, Blackridge, Clermont, Queensland #CR20347) and included extensive RC drilling, opening up of some of the underground workings, bulk testing, mineralogy, geochemistry and isotope analysis. A key outcome of Denison's work is that the gold may be related to a delicate interplay between sedimentary and hydrothermal processes.

    Impact is now undertaking a synthesis and review of this and other previous exploration data. This initial evaluation suggests that there may be a significant nugget effect in previous exploration drilling results which may have potentially led to an underestimate of the gold present in the sedimentary units there (ASX Release May 29th 2018).

    Work by Novo Resources Corp in the Pilbara has demonstrated an extreme nugget effect associated with the conglomerate-hosted gold in that region and indeed exploration is more akin to diamond exploration with a requirement for very large bulk samples (currently in excess of several tons).

    The purchase of the fully granted Mining Lease at Blackridge will allow Impact to proceed relatively quickly to very large bulk samples and an appropriate Plan of Operations is being prepared for submission to the Queensland Mines Department.

    In addition research is progressing on determining the most effective sampling methods and protocols.

    The programme of work will commence in October.

    Progress has also been made on the grant of the four MLA's under option from Rock Solid Holdings Pty Ltd as well as the Compensation Agreement with the landowner. Native Title negotiations are also underway. Work will commence on these Leases and the Exploration Licences as soon as these arrangements are completed.

    To view figures, please visit:

    Dr Michael G Jones
    Managing Director
    Impact Minerals Limited
    T: +61-8-6454-6666

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    Bluechiip Ltd (ASX:BCT) provides the record of Open Briefing interview with MD Andrew McLellan.

    In this Open Briefing(R), Andrew discusses:

    - A$15.9m, three-year deal with Labcon North America

    - Expectation for margins and NPAT and operating cash flow positive from this one contract

    - Ramp up of production and consideration of working capital sources

    - Adjacent markets beyond this Labcon order that can be addressed with Bluechiip's technology

    - Progress of overall impact in the market

    Record of interview:

    Andrew, this week Bluechiip announced a A$15.9m extended agreement with Labcon North America, that covers three years and includes minimum order of US$7.3m (A$9.8m) in year three. Can you remind us of the key terms of this contract?


    For Bluechiip this is a very exciting time and an extension to a very positive partnership with Labcon.

    We've been working with Labcon for the last 18 months, initially supplying them with a developer kit as part of our normal client engagement process.

    In December 2017 Bluechiip commenced supplying chips, readers and software as part of Labcon's initial $1 million order. We have now supplied them with over 290,000 chips. Over this time Labcon has ramped up manufacturing of their Coldpoint Bluechiip enabled cryogenics vials and has been demonstrating the range to their clients both directly and at trade shows.

    This A$15.9m agreement is a continuation of that relationship. We're very pleased that Labcon has seen the opportunity in their end markets and has entered an agreement covering 3 years with an option to extent it another 2 years beyond that.

    The agreement is based on financial years and commences immediately and includes:

    - $US4.2m ($A5.8m) two-year purchase order for chips, readers, software and engineering services, expected to be $US1.1 million ($A1.5 million) in year one, and $US3.1 million ($A4.3 million) in year two.

    - An additional minimum $US7.4 million ($A10.1 million) of products and services will be ordered and supplied in the third year.

    - With an additional fourth and fifth year with minimums to be agreed.

    Long term, people should be reminded that this is a consumables model. Labcon embeds our chips into their Coldpoint Bluechiip enabled vials, which it sells with Readers into a very large market. As the number of readers in the market grows, so too will the number of end users. Also keep in mind that this contract is for minimum volumes and we see this relationship running past the potential 5 years covered by this contract and the 2 year option.

    The contract gives Labcon a moratorium in a specific market. Can you tell us how this moratorium works and also the markets that it doesn't cover?


    The moratorium means that Bluechiip will not partner with other Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM's) to embed Bluechiip technology to compete directly against Labcon's Coldpoint Bluechiip Enabled vial range, and potentially other Labcon enabled products that they might produce.

    Bluechiip is still able to sell its own products and we can also, within the terms of the agreement, sell Labcon enabled products through our own distribution channels established around the world.

    It also does not limit us from working with our currently engaged OEM partners, including Genea Biomedx which is focused on the IVF market space, and Planet Innovation which is working with a number of medical device manufacturers around the world.

    There are also adjacent markets and consumables including blood bags, pharmaceutical vials and cell therapies to name a few and we remain free to pursue those markets too.

    What sort of margins do you expect to make on products and services delivered under this A$15.9m agreement from Labcon?


    We make good commercial margins on the chips and readers we are already selling and we will continue to make good commercial margins under this A$15.9m agreement.

    The exact numbers, as you will understand, are commercially sensitive. It is also important to note that we are currently engaged with multiple OEM partners and progressing opportunities to sign contracts with them as well.

    As we increase our scale of operations we will also be able to bring scale efficiency into place. With this agreement covering several years it gives us the confidence to invest in our manufacturing which should deliver efficiencies and give us scope to increase margins further.

    If we look at the questions of margins and finances in terms of the bottom line, will this contract enable Bluechiip to reach profitability and be operating cash flow positive?

    MD/Managing Director

    Yes, that is the plan. We expect this one contract and partnership will see Bluechiip through to a point where it is a sustainable business both in terms of net profit and positive operating cash flows.

    I would note that this is just one contract, a very important one to us and an important partnership, but we are also at various stages of negotiation with the other clients who have brought our developer kits.

    How big is the market served by Labcon's Coldpoint(TM) Bluechiip-enabled vials?


    Labcon's Coldpoint(TM) Bluechiip-enabled vials service a number of markets, one of which is the bio-perseveration market, into which over 300 million samples per year are put into short, medium or long-term very low temperature storage. At current prices this translates into approximately US$200m per annum of revenue for Bluechiip if all of those samples used Bluechiip enabled vials. So, the opportunity is very large.

    Looking at the other markets you can address, how many developer and evaluation kits do you have with potential clients who can address these markets?


    We have 29 developer kits with a wide range of partners and potential across a range of consumables and markets. While the moratorium does restrict access to a small number of these parties we still see substantial opportunities. We have sold kits to parties including:

    - Existing OEM partners: Genea Biomedx; Planet Innovation; and of course, Labcon's original developer kit.

    - Potential OEM's in adjacent markets for example in blood bags, cell therapies and pharmaceuticals to name a few.

    - End customers, for example the CDC in China.

    The agreement with Labcon does not preclude us from working with these parties and more importantly has the potential to enhance these opportunities. We are already seeing that the Labcon relationship is enhancing and bringing a network of origination to the Bluechiip technology.

    As Labcon's Coldpoint Bluechiip-enabled vials are used by end customers in different locations we can also expect to see end customer demand pull for Bluechiip technology into these adjacent markets to increase.

    Genea Biomedx was you first OEM partner and recent press reports indicate that ownership of that company may change. How does this impact your agreement with Genea and in relation to the products that they have already developed, incorporating Bluechiip's products and IP.


    Genea Biomedx, which focuses on the IVF market, is our longest standing OEM partner. I just want to reiterate our Labcon agreement does not impact our Genea Biomedx agreement.

    Genea has been moving slowly. Recent reports in the Australian Financial Review suggest that Genea's ownership structure is changing and approaching finalisation. We would hope and expect that this change will enable us to progress more rapidly with Genea Biomedx and their global pharmaceuticals distribution partner.

    You mention that kits have been also been provided to end customers, can you explain how this is progressing and the overall impacts in the market.


    We are seeing an increasing understanding of the needs for quality, which our technology allows, in the bio preservation market. Only this month the International Standard ISO 20387:2018 Biotechnology -- Biobanking -- General requirements for biobanking was released which specifically calls out a need for persistent tagging of samples including with printed labels, barcodes, RFID and Micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS). We expect and are seeing this change having an impact on the end market.

    We already have a number of systems in the market with key opinion leaders and see this number growing in the near term across all regions including the US, Europe and APAC. The extended agreement with Labcon and the range of consumables this brings into the marketplace places Bluechiip in a very exciting position.

    Thank you.

    Andrew McLellan
    Managing Director / CEO
    Bluechiip Limited
    Ph: +61-457-823-470 
    Richard Allen
    Ph: +61-3-9915-6341
    Oxygen Financial PR

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    The directors present their report, together with the financial statements, on the consolidated entity (referred to hereafter as the 'consolidated entity') consisting of Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ASX:ECT) (referred to hereafter as the 'Company' or 'parent entity') and the entities it controlled at the end of, or during, the year ended 30 June 2018.

    Major Highlights:

    (i) ECT Finance Ltd

    In July and August 2017 the consolidated entity's subsidiary, ECT Finance Ltd, entered into limited recourse loans with optionholders allowing them to obtain finance to exercise ESIOA and ESIOB options. Loans expire on 30 July 2020. As at reporting date there are 1,159,584,270 shares held as security for these loans.

    (ii) New research and development rebate loan with Brevet

    On 10 May 2018, the Company signed a loan agreement for a new research and development rebate loan facility with its existing debt provider, New York-based Innovation Structured Finance Co. LLC (Brevet) for the financial year ended 30 June 2018. The loan facility allows for the provision of funding to the Company of up to $4 million. The Company's research and development tax rebate received represents the security for the facility. The defaults and covenants contained within the agreement are typical of those that may be expected for a facility of this type.

    On 3 August 2018, the Company signed a new Secured Loan Agreement with Brevet for the 2018/19 financial year for $4 million on the same terms and conditions as the previous facility.

    (iii) Receipt of research and development tax incentive and repayment of December 2017 Brevet loan balance

    On 17 January 2018, the Company received the full amount of the research and development tax incentive receivable recognised in the financial statements at 30 June 2017 amounting to $2,015,295. This was partially used to fully repay borrowings in respect of the 2017 financial year from Brevet Capital.

    (iv) India project

    On 30 May 2018, the Company signed a project agreement for the largest ever (~AUD$35 million) research and development collaboration between Australia and India for the joint development of its two leading technologies - Matmor and Coldry. The Company's partners, NLC India Limited (NLCIL) and NMDC Limited (NMDC), majority Indian government owned enterprises and India's largest lignite (brown coal) and iron ore miners respectively, will fund the project in return for 25.5% each of the equity in the ensuing joint-venture entity. The first order of business under the project agreement is the finalisation and execution of a set of detailed sub-agreements, which form a condition precedent to financial close. The partners expect these agreements will be signed prior to the end of October 2018.

    (v) Coldry High Volume Test Facility (HVTF)

    Under the Federal Government's research and development tax incentive program, product generated from eligible experimental activity is permitted to be sold. The Company is pleased to report that the Coldry solid fuel test product consumed by participants in the Company's trial programs has performed well and, as a result, the Company continues to supply these customers with further product generated by its experimental activity on an ongoing basis. The Company is now expanding its HVTF test program and will continue to make Coldry solid fuel test product available for sale to these consumers across Victoria and Tasmania.

    In addition to the successful initial testing across several consumers and the subsequent ongoing sale of available Coldry solid fuel over recent months, the Company also assisted customers with the review and scoping of boiler upgrades, with a focus on Coldry handling systems, allowing for progressive scale up as capacity at the Bacchus Marsh site is expanded.

    The establishment of regular sales of Coldry solid fuel test product supports the planned Stage 3 upgrade of the HVTF to a capacity of up to 35,000 tonnes a year, including development of an expanded raw materials handling and finished product storage capacity. The upgrade activity at the HVTF will further support collection of critical scale-up research data to inform aspects of both the integrated Coldry demonstration and Matmor pilot plant project in India and the Company's proposed Latrobe Valley project here in Australia.

    (vi) Latrobe Valley project

    A feasibility study for the proposed establishment of a large-scale Coldry demonstration plant of ~170,000 tonnes per annum capacity has commenced. The feasibility study scope entails: Phase 1: Scoping study and selection phase; Phase 2: Prefeasibility study; Phase 3: Feasibility study and funding assessment. Phase 1 was completed and announced (15 November 2017), highlighting the Company's partnership with Energy Australia for potential site location and coal supply. The Company's focus on advancing the India project has taken priority since the conclusion of Phase 1, resulting in a pause in activity around the Latrobe Valley project in recent months. The initial scoping and site selection provided a solid foundation to proceed to prefeasibility and the Company looks forward to progressing this program in coming months.

    This proposed project holds significant short-term interest in providing increased energy security and affordability through diversification of Victoria's energy solutions and longer-term interest as a gateway enabler to the deployment of High- Efficiency, Low Emissions (HELE) electricity production and low emission chemical production, including hydrogen, from Victoria's world-class lignite assets. HELE power stations, hydrogen production and fertilizer production are all industries of the future for the Latrobe Valley and they all share the common need to reduce moisture content of brown coal. Following successful scale up, Coldry has the potential to deliver this outcome economically and with zero-emissions when integrated with a waste heat source.

    (vii) ECT Finance Ltd

    During the period, ECT Finance Ltd, a subsidiary of the Company, offered ELF loans to holders of ESIOA and ESIOB options, for the sole purpose of financing the exercise of these options and conversion into Fully Paid Ordinary shares of the Company. As announced on 1 August 2017, ECT Finance Ltd approved approximately $14,100,000 worth of ELF loans. During the year, ECT Finance Ltd has received $536,325 in principal and interest payments. Cashflows raised through repayment of principal and interest over the loan period will be available to the Company to finance ongoing working capital.

    The value of the loan book as at 31 July 2018 is $15,259,809 (including interest accrued and capitalised to the loans to 31 July 2018). The value of security held is $16,234,180 (based on a 1.4c share price). The loans are scheduled to expire on 30 July 2020 and interest rates across each of the loans can vary according to payment methods. For accounting purposes, the ELF loans (and the related shares issued) are treated as the issue of options as required by accounting standards (refer to notes 21 and 22 to the financial statements for further details). Notwithstanding this, the loans represent funds owed to ECT Finance Ltd by shareholders pursuant to commercial and legal contracts.

    (viii) Issue of options

    ECTOC options (originally called ESIOC options) were bonus options issued to shareholders on the basis of one option for every four shares held as at 21st July 2017. This resulted in the issue of issue of 846,088,751 ECTOC options with an exercise price of $0.045 and expiry date of 31 July 2019.

    To view the full report, please visit:

    Glenn Fozard
    Environmental Clean Technologies Ltd

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    Anti-counterfeit and customer engagement solutions provider YPB Group Ltd (ASX:YPB) is pleased to announce further success with the joint "Cannabis Confirmed" initiative with the signing of an Authentication Services Agreement with Totem Vaporizers Inc., a leading vaporiser manufacturer in the cannabis industry. This is the third such agreement for YPB in under a month, which falls under its partnership with leading Canadian cannabis company, Namaste Technologies Inc. (CVE:N) (OTCMKTS:NXTTF) (FRA:M5BQ).

    - Totem Vaporisers expected to become the largest selling vaporiser for 21-30 year olds in 2018-19

    - Initial volume estimates of 10,000 units a month and growing

    - Clear sign the YPB/Namaste Cannabis Confirmed initiative can become a major revenue source

    This closely follows YPB's announcement last week that in the most significant technical advance in its history, it has developed a robust and reliable prototype of smartphone readability of a highly secure, anti-counterfeit mark with no need for any additional attachment.

    Namaste is a global leader in cannabis e-commerce and has partnered with YBP to provide an industry-wide authentication and consumer engagement solution called "Cannabis Confirmed" to global cannabis companies including vaporiser manufacturers such as Totem, for which Namaste has exclusive online distribution rights. YPB is well under way to significantly boosting its client base by offering its services to the cannabis industry through the partnership with Namaste.

    Designed by engineers in Europe, the Totem Vaporizer is the first vaporiser that is able to be interconnected end to end to deliver both convection and conduction. The brand is expected to become the largest selling vaporiser for 21-30 year olds in 2018-19, with initial volume estimates of 10,000 units a month with significant growth expected.

    YPB will leverage its partnership with Namaste to offer its innovative YPB Connect customer engagement platform to both Namaste's hardware vendors and legal cannabis cultivators for the benefit of this rapidly emerging industry.

    As with many industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and alcoholic beverages, counterfeit is equally prevalent in the cannabis industry. Almost all major vaporiser brands have counterfeit versions out in the market and more recently this has extended to fake cannabis oils and the proliferation of synthetic cannabinoids.

    The Cannabis Confirmed initiative seeks to stamp out fakes by empowering cannabis brand customers to confirm the authenticity of their product after purchasing online by scanning a unique serialised QR code - called a ProtectCode - on the product packaging to authenticate their product. Authenticity triggers engagement and this interaction connects the physical product to the digital world, enabling direct brand to customer engagement via their smartphone.

    In the rapidly growing cannabis market, both manufacturers and cultivators are seeing the enormous added value of YPB's technology to enable them to build a more engaged relationship with their customers and gaining a deeper understanding of their buying habits and needs. Backed by the support of Namaste Technologies, with a CAD $514M market capitalisation, YPB will leverage its industry-leading technology to offer a more comprehensive authenticity solution for companies globally.

    This relationship with Totem is expected to become a moderate revenue contributor to YPB. In aggregate, Namaste's relationships are expected to become major revenue contributors to YPB. (see Note below)

    YPB's Executive Chairman John Houston said: "We are excited to announce our third services agreement with a vaporiser company and so quickly after partnering with Namaste. The Totem vaporiser is being exclusively distributed by Namaste and we anticipate the agreement to be highly beneficial to YPB, Namaste and to Totem Vaporizers. We have identified a strong need for our technology in the cannabis industry. While the Canadian market approaches federally legal recreational cannabis, YPB's technology can provide the security and authentication requirements needed for consumers to buy cannabis and cannabis-related products with great confidence. YPB's solutions are also likely to assist in regulatory oversight of the industry. We anticipate securing further service agreements with leading companies in the cannabis industry."

    Totem Vaporizers President and CEO Ronan Woods comments: "We are elated to be working with YPB and Namaste. As we launch what we believe to be one of the most innovative vaporisers to reach the market, we are confident in the Cannabis Confirmed initiative and YPB's ability to provide both Totem and our consumers with added value and security. We've been involved in the vaporiser industry for several years and have witnessed many counterfeit products reaching the market. YPB's technology will provide Totem with technology and comprehensive reporting on our customers via product validation on a global scale. Thanks to YPB's team for providing us with this opportunity and we're looking forward our official program launch."

    About Namaste Technologies

    Listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Namaste is a global leader in the sale of all elements of medical cannabis consumption and aspires to become the world's "one stop shop" of the industry. Namaste has nine offices with multiple distribution centres around the globe and operates 32 websites under various brands in 20 countries.


    Please note:

    - Modest revenue contribution:
    - Moderate revenue contribution: > AUD100K
    - Major revenue contribution: > AUD1m per annum

    Mr. John Houston 
    Executive Chairman
    YPB Group Limited
    Mr. Gerard Eakin
    YPB Group Limited

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    Join Ellis Martin for an update with Jordan Trimble, the President and CEO of SkyHarbour Resources (CVE:SYH) (OTCMKTS:SYHBF) with uranium assets in the Athabasca Basin of Northern Saskatchewan, Canada highlighting the company's summer drill program and their partnership with Azincourt Energy.

    To view the Video Audio, please visit:

    Nick Findler
    Corporate Development and Communications
    Skyharbour Resources Ltd.
    Telephone: 604-687-3850
    Toll Free: 800-567-8181
    Facsimile: 604-687-3119
    Ellis Martin
    T: +1-310-430-1388

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    Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd (ASX:LNG) (OTCMKTS:LNGLY) provides the Company's Preliminary Financial Report.

    Company Overview and Review of Operations

    Liquefied Natural Gas Limited's (LNGL, the Company or the Group) corporate offices are based in Perth, Western Australia, with offices in Houston, Texas; Lake Charles, Louisiana; and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    The Company is developing LNG export terminal projects in the United States and in Canada having combined aggregate design production capacity of nearly 20 mtpa. Our portfolio consists of 100 percent ownership of the following companies:

    - Magnolia LNG LLC (Magnolia LNG), an 8 mtpa or greater LNG export terminal development in Lake Charles, Louisiana, U.S.;

    - Bear Head LNG Corporation Inc. (Bear Head LNG), an 8-12 mtpa LNG export terminal development at Point Tupper in Richmond County, Nova Scotia, Canada;

    - Bear Paw Pipeline Corporation Inc. (Bear Paw Pipeline), that is proposing to construct and operate a 62.5 km gas pipeline lateral to connect gas supply to Bear Head LNG; and

    - LNG Technology Pty Ltd, owner of LNGL's patented optimized single mixed refrigerant (OSMR(R)) liquefaction process technology.

    Our Vision is to be the world's premier provider of mid-scale LNG liquefaction solutions.

    Our Mission is to create value by delivering safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and flexible mid-scale natural gas liquefaction solutions to our customers at the industry's lowest full cycle cost, while minimizing our ecological impact.

    This focused approach distinguishes LNGL as a pure LNG infrastructure investment opportunity.

    LNGL conducts business in an ethical, fair, and honest manner. We are committed to participating in the highly competitive global LNG industry with the highest degree of integrity, absent use of any corrupt practices to obtain a business advantage. We aim to secure and safeguard an appropriate "License to Operate" in all our operations and do so through active engagement with our host communities and key stakeholders. We embrace as core values the virtues of a safe and diverse workplace; a performance culture that awards integrity, innovation, and respect for others; and a business approach that partners with all stakeholders to deliver our strategy while minimizing impacts to the ecology.

    Our business model applies the Company's wholly owned and developed OSMR(R) LNG process technology, which centers on delivering four key principles: the industry's lowest full cycle cost; optimized plant energy efficiency; shortened development and construction schedules; and an overall smaller ecological impact footprint, including reduced carbon emissions, with no additional technology risk relative to other proposed projects.

    We apply a three-path execution strategy to realize our Vision.

    Path 1: Develop projects using our OSMR(R) Technology Solutions

    Path 2: Use OSMR(R) Technology Solutions to gain entry into new and existing third-party projects

    Path 3: License the OSMR(R) technology to third-parties

    The Company's 'Energy Link' strategy is to safely develop mid-scale LNG export terminals to link proven gas reserves with existing LNG buyers. We aim to remain at the forefront of approach to LNG development and processing technology to ensure the Company's LNG terminal development projects are world competitive in terms of capital and operating costs, operating efficiencies, and ecological impact. We seek to ensure our neighboring communities benefit from our operations on an enduring basis while we minimize and mitigate any potential impact of our presence. Our mission is to create substantial shareholder value through successful execution of our 'Energy Link' strategy, distinguishing LNGL as a pure LNG infrastructure investment opportunity. This entails safely developing mid-scale, low cost, efficient and reliable LNG liquefaction terminals to serve the international energy market's demand for natural gas. This integrates demonstrated skills in identifying and securing strategically located project sites, with development of these sites in a rapid, cost effective manner.

    We are continually evaluating additional growth opportunities that would benefit from our strategy.

    To view the full report, please visit:

    Mr. Micah Hirschfield
    Sr. Manager, Communications and Investor Relations
    Liquefied Natural Gas Limited
    T: +1-713-815-6920
    Mr. Andrew Gould
    Joint Company Secretary
    Liquefied Natural Gas Limited
    T: +61-8-9366-3700

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    Minerals explorer Ardiden Limited (ASX:ADV) is pleased to announce assay results from the remaining 11 drill holes of its recent due-diligence drilling program at the Kasagiminnis Gold Property located within the Pickle Lake Gold Properties ("Pickle Lake") in the established mining jurisdiction of Ontario, Canada.


    - Ardiden has received assay results from the remaining 11 drill holes, as part of the recent due-diligence drill program at the Pickle Lake Gold Project, in Ontario Canada. The receipt of these assay results completes the key initial objectives for Pickle Lake

    - The latest set of assay results continue to demonstrate the potential of Pickle Lake, which includes the following highlights:

    o KAS 18-05: 26.10m @ 1.06g/t Au from 77.3m

    o KAS 18-06: 29.20m @ 1.26g/t Au from 85.0m

    o KAS 18-08: 15.40m @ 3.21g/t Au from 65.6m

    o KAS 18-10: 26.20m @ 3.19g/t Au from 89.3m

    - The Pickle Lake mineralised zone remains open along strike and at depth

    - The Company is now focused on continuing to develop and advance its flagship Seymour Lake Lithium Project, where assay results from North Aubry are expected shortly

    The drilling program undertaken by Ardiden sought to verify historic drilling and sample results, to enable to Company to have better visibility of the Project's gold mineralisation and to confirm the potential of Pickle Lake.

    Commenting on the latest round of assay results from Pickle Lake, Ardiden Managing Director Brad Boyle stated "The latest results obtained from the Kasagiminnis Lake Property continue to highlight Pickle Lake as a very encouraging exploration prospect. There appears to be a consistency of gold mineralisation within the gold zone, and the results reinforce the potential of the Kasagiminnis Gold Zone, to host a significant gold resource, with mineralisation open in all directions.

    "Pickle Lake was acquired by Ardiden as it offered a low-risk, low-cost exploration opportunity, which diversifies the Company's current project portfolio. The Company will continue to develop Pickle Lake and work off the extremely positive results received thus far. However, the Company's primary focus remains on Seymour Lake and advancing our flagship project across all areas."

    Assay results from the remaining 11 drill holes (KAS-18-05 to KAS 18-15), have now been received and reviewed by Ardiden. The results from the due-diligence drilling program, which includes the latest assay results and the results previously announced to the ASX (31 July 2018: "Ardiden Exercises Option to Acquire Pickle Lake Gold Project"), reinforce the Company's belief that the Pickle Lake Gold Project has potential to host a significant gold deposit.

    A full list of drill results can be found in Table 3 (see link below) and collar and survey details are also located in Table 2 (see link below).

    The drill-hole locations (see Figure 1 in link below) and interpretive cross-sections (see Figures 2 - 4 in link below) illustrate the geometry of the mineralisation at the Kasagaminnis prospect.

    The drilling program revealed that the gold mineralisation is preferentially hosted by a sub-vertical layer of highly altered intermediate to felsic volcanic rock sandwiched between highly altered mafic volcanic rocks. The gold mineralisation appears to be associated with sulphides replacing magnetite that formed within the sheared alteration zone.

    The sulphides comprise a mixture of varying proportions of pyrite and pyrrhotite and are associated with silicification and carbonation. Coarse visible gold is present in some mineralised intersections and the gold mineralisation extends beyond the main mineralised zone into the footwall mafic volcanic rocks through a series of shears containing quartz-carbonate veinlets.

    Throughout the review process for Pickle Lake, undertaken before proceeding to an investment and development decision, it was evident that there was sufficient potential, which the Company believed to offer a low-risk, low-cost opportunity to further develop the project and consider for inclusion in Ardiden's project portfolio.

    Ardiden has now completed its due-diligence drilling program for Pickle Lake, which included the following key initial objectives; the verification of historic drill and sample results, obtaining a better understanding of the geology of certain areas within Pickle Lake, and confirmation of the potential of the Pickle Lake project.

    The assay results and work completed thus far, confirm the Company's initial assessment and decision to complete sufficient work to secure the Pickle Lake property.

    Following the accomplishment of all key initial objectives at Pickle Lake, further exploration and drilling activities have been deferred, in order to allow Ardiden to continue to develop and advance the Seymour Lake Lithium Project, which is the Company's primary focus.

    Currently, drilling at the North Aubry prospect is ongoing and an update on activities is expected in the near future.

    To view tables and figures, please visit:

    Brad Boyle
    Ardiden Ltd 
    Tel: +61-8-6245-2050
    Michael Weir / Cameron Gilenko
    Tel: +61-8-6160-4900

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    Mustang Resources Ltd (ASX:MUS) (OTCMKTS:MTTGF) provides the Shareholder Letter.

    Dear Shareholders,

    I refer to the accompanying Notice of Meeting containing a number of proposed resolutions.

    In July 2018, the Company announced the merger of its ruby assets with Fura Gems Inc. (CVE:FURA), for the consideration of AU$10 million in Fura shares over three tranches and an AU$25 million spending commitment to be allocated to the enlarged Fura ruby project, subject to exploration results. This transaction (subject to final closing by 30 November 2018) relieves the Company of the substantial exploration and market development expenditure required in coming years, to establish the Company's ruby interests as a commercial ruby mining operation.

    Importantly, the Fura transaction has allowed the Company to focus its attention and capital on a world-class asset, the Company's 80% owned Caula Vanadium-Graphite project, next to Montepuez and directly along strike from and due north of the graphite project owned by Syrah Resources Limited (ASX:SYR), (AU$731 million market cap). The Mustang Board of Directors considers this the optimal available strategy for the Company, given the strong demand for vanadium and large-flake graphite, coupled with the exceptional results from Caula in the year to date.

    With this change of focus, we propose that the Company changes its name to New Energy Minerals Ltd (reserved ASX ticker "NXE").

    The new name proposed for approval by shareholders under resolution 12 of the Notice of Meeting, "New Energy Minerals Ltd" (ASX:NXE), reflects the Company's focus on the development and mining of two geologically associated commodities from the same deposit; both essential to the production of electric vehicles and the storage of renewable energy. With Graphite being used in lithium-ion batteries and Vanadium used in vanadium-redox-flow-batteries, both commodities also have traditional applications in the steel industry, a mainstay of global economic development.

    It is the use of vanadium as a steel-strengthening alloy and new Chinese rebar standards, which have increased its price more than 500% in the last 2 years to current levels of US$18.40/lb (US$40,480/tonne), with primary vanadium pentoxide flake supply only being delivered by a handful of companies including Largo Resources Ltd (TSE:LGO), (C$1.46 billion market cap) and Glencore PLC (LON:GLEN).

    Graphite has also experienced strong demand especially for high Total Graphic Carbon (TGC) large-flake graphite, with the recently reported sale prices of US$1,700/tonne for >300micron, 94% for TGC flake graphite from an African graphite project.(see Note 1 below) Large-flake graphite has the capacity to expand in size when heated and therefore has a fast-growing application in flame-retardant building materials, which augurs well for this section of the graphite market, with annual demand estimated to grow to >2 million tonnes in coming years, almost twice the size of the total current graphite market(see Note 2 below).

    As shown in recent announcements, the Company's focus has increasingly been directed to fast- tracking the Caula Vanadium-Graphite project in Northern Mozambique. Considering the quality of the graphite component of this project in terms of grade, metallurgy (expressed as a percentage of large, jumbo & super jumbo graphite flakes) and the size of the JORC Measured Resources (see Table 1 and Figures 1 in link below) the Mustang Board of Directors believes the Company has a unique opportunity to deliver a world-class project to serve the "New Energy Market".

    Recent work at Caula has also delivered a sizeable JORC Measured Vanadium Resource of 22Mt @ 0.37% V2O5 (0.2% cut off) for 180 million pounds of V2O5.(see Note 3 below) The Company has already developed a simple, yet fully integrated flowsheet to extract both vanadium and graphite from the same processing plant, using for the most part simple flotation. The vanadium found in the Caula deposit, within the graphitic schists, occurs within a vanadium-mica mineral called roscoelite, which is potentially far simpler and cheaper to process to high grade V2O5 concentrates than traditional titano-magnetite vanadium deposits.

    The next 6 to 12 months should be a period of intensive activity with management focusing on delivering the following key outputs:

    1. The Caula Scoping Study currently underway which is targeted for completion in September 2018.

    2. Preliminary vanadium metallurgical work at Nagrom Laboratories in Perth.

    3. ~4,000m of Feasibility Study drilling at Caula to deliver a further resource upgrade, as well as samples for further metallurgical testing in Perth and China.(see Note 4 below)

    4. The change of the Company's name and brand to "New Energy Minerals Ltd" (subject to Shareholder approval) and associated change in Company logo and corporate colours.

    5. The concurrent 1:10 consolidation of the Company's issued Shares followed by an investor roadshow in the UK and Europe and attendance at the 121 Investor Conference in Hong Kong.

    6. Engagement and negotiations with proposed strategic project partners and off-takers in Asia, Europe and North America.

    7. Feasibility Studies for the Caula project.

    8. Mining Concessions, permitting and approvals from the Government of Mozambique.

    9. Phase 1 trial mining at Caula.

    We seek Shareholder support for the new focus of the Company and look forward to moving into the 'new energy revolution' by delivering significant shareholder value through the exploration for and mining of these high demand commodities.


    1 Bass Metals Ltd ASX Announcement dated 20 August 2018

    2 Graphite guide: Why fire resistance and not electric cars may drive these stocks. Angela East, April 16, 2018. Stockhead

    3 Refer to the Company's ASX Announcement dated 20 July 2018

    4 Refer to the Company's ASX Announcement dated 8 August 2018

    To view tables and figures, please visit:

    Managing Director:
    Mustang Resources Limited
    Bernard Olivier
    M: +61-4-08948-182
    T: +27-66-4702-979
    Media & Investor Relations: 
    Jane Morgan Management
    Jane Morgan
    T: +61-405-555-618

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    Nanollose Ltd (ASX:NC6) provides the Company's 2018 Annual Report.

    Managing Director's Letter

    Nanollose is proud of the progress achieved in the 2018 financial year. The Company successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, signed an MoU to secure a commercial supply of microbial cellulose, delivered two world first breakthroughs by producing a plant-free rayon fibre and fabric, and launched our products at one of the world's largest sustainable textile events.

    Nanollose is an Australian technology company with a unique scalable process, which transforms PLANT-FREE microbial cellulose into eco-friendly fibres for textiles and other industrial applications. Our world first Plant-Free Rayon fibre (Nullarbor(R)) is set to become an alternative to rayon and cotton fibres, and we are initially targeting the US$500 billion textile industry with an immediate focus on the US$16 billion rayon market.

    Brands, retailers and manufacturers are urgently seeking sustainable alternatives to rayon and cotton fibres, both of which cause significant environmental issues. By comparison, Nanollose does not harvest trees or plants and does not require the environmentally challenging kraft (wood pulping) process. Our technology is also easily retrofitted into current textile and clothing production methods.

    Our Company's strategy for commercialisation falls under three important pillars - Supply, Process Development and Demand. During the 2018 financial year, we made significant progress across all three pillars, resulting in the most successful year in the Company's short history.

    To view the full report, please visit:

    Alfie Germano
    CEO & Managing Director
    Phone: +61-411-244-477
    Michael Wills
    Media and Investor Relations
    Phone: +61-468-385-208

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    Collaborate Corporation Ltd (ASX:CL8) provides the Company's Annual Report and Preliminary Final Report.

    Operating review

    Collaborate significantly expanded its operational footprint, launched new products and increased revenue for the fourth consecutive period in the 2018 financial year (FY18). With funding secured from the 100% exercise of the CL8O listed options and strategic investment from RACV in April 2017, Collaborate increased investment in key management personnel, the Collaborate Sharing Platform and new products to provide a solid foundation for future growth. Key highlights include the launch of RACV DriveMyCar, the upgraded version of the Collaborate Sharing Platform featuring Mobilise, largest ever corporate fleet additions from Subaru and Peugeot, introduction of accident replacement rentals for Uber and RACV Insurance and expansion of the ManageMyCar service in Melbourne.

    FY18 revenue increased by 31% and gross profit increased by 35% versus FY17, the majority of which was attributable to the DriveMyCar business unit which exploited multiple new opportunities in the mobility industry. The net loss after tax increased by 43% compared to FY17 as a result of substantially increased investment in personnel, product development and other growth drivers which are likely to contribute more substantially to revenue in future periods. This investment phase has now been completed and new product development expenses are not expected to increase further as the business continues to grow. The Group remains debt-free.

    Collaborate continued to deliver on its peer-to-peer strategy and strengthened its focus on rapidly developing opportunities in the mobility segment, which DriveMyCar is especially well suited to exploit. Expanding from an initial focus on medium to long term rentals of privately owned vehicles DriveMyCar has broadened its supply and demand channels to take advantage of developing mobility opportunities while strengthening its competitive position versus traditional car rental companies.

    To view the full report, please visit:

    Collaborate Corporation Limited
    Tel: +61-2-8889-3641

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    Anti-counterfeit and customer engagement solutions provider YPB Group Ltd (ASX:YPB) provides a commentary on H1 2018.

    - Normalised post tax operating loss improved 67%

    - Reported post tax loss improved 44%

    - Revenue up 22%

    - Operating costs pre write-offs and fx adjustments down 33%

    - Further improvement expected H2 2018

    H1 2018 saw an improvement in the company's operating results. Revenue rose and costs fell. The normalised post-tax operating loss excluding write-downs improved to $1.99m from $5.95m, a 67% improvement.

    Reported post tax loss improved 44% to $4.35m. Non-cash balance sheet write-downs were $2.36m in 2018 and $1.78m in 2017.

    Net cash used in operating activities in H1 2018 improved 35% to $3.0m. Cash consumption improved at a slower rate than the P&L loss due to payments from restructuring accrued in a prior period but paid in this period. The improvement of H1 is expected to gather pace with clearly lower cash consumption in H2 2018.

    While pleasing to see revenue rise, the quantum was unsatisfactory. Deal closures and contract start-ups continued to lag expectations due to carry-over inertia from previous management prior to the Executive Chairman resuming operational leadership. Despite that fact, a newly dynamic and focused sales ethos has been created in H1 2018 and the probability of much better sales results in H2 2018 is high. There has been significant progress with sales personnel, culture and partners which is expected to become apparent in H2 2018 client wins and revenue growth.

    Operating costs in H1 2018 were 33% below pcp. Costs would have fallen further but costs associated with the Token project and extraordinary legal fees related to the capital raise early in H1 2018 were incurred. Consulting and legal and accounting fees are expected to fall in H2 with less project activity and the in-housing of previously outsourced finance functions. Further cost improvement should naturally occur in H2 2018 with no further specific cost action.

    Despite this, a new cost review and adjustment plan is well developed and will commence in September 2018 with a focus on salaries. Costs must be productive and expenses not yielding results after sufficient grace are again being thoroughly scrutinised. The Board remains intent on making the company financially self-sufficient as quickly as possible.

    The Bracknor loan was reduced by $1.5m in H1 2018 and the balance of $0.373m will be repaid prior to year end. Bracknor holds no YPB shares and has had no impact on the share price in H1 2018.


    H2 2018 should see a clearly improved financial performance over H1 with faster new client flows and revenue growth. Unfortunately, the cultural and operational inertia at the business coalface has taken longer to rectify than expected. That has lead the Board to withdraw its forecast of profitability in 2018. While 2018 profitability is still possible if the largest opportunities in progress close and contribute revenue in H2 2018, it is not probable. The prior forecast was dependent on rapid revenue growth but results have lagged expectations.

    The company will also no longer be disclosing potential pipeline values to the market. While current possible deals still have circa +$100m of potential annual revenues, the company's track record of predicting values, probability and timing of closure is insufficiently strong for the release of pipeline values to be helpful to shareholders.

    Despite the above comments, the Board retains a firm goal of achieving profitability and expects that to occur in 2019. The timing and magnitude of any profit is primarily dependent on growing revenues through product sales and/or licensing Motif Micro technology.

    H1 2018 results are bitter-sweet: improvement was good but not good enough. Most importantly, however, the financial data give zero insight into the very positive progress made in the business over the half year. The team and its performance have been rebuilt and reset and the level of active engagement with customers and prospects has lifted immeasurably.

    The withdrawal of guidance is not reflective of diminished opportunity, rather it is simply acknowledgement of milestones missed. In fact, the company's opportunity set continues to grow significantly with:

    1. Macro

    - The rapid growth of Pan-Asian consumer markets;

    - The greater opportunity that creates for in-country consumer goods and Western manufacturers;

    - The greater opportunity for counterfeiters flowing from technology and market access created by online markets;

    - An increased desire of brands to directly engage with their customers and authenticity undoubtedly triggers engagement; and

    - The eventual spread of serialisation (item level unique identities) right across consumer goods markets.

    2. Technology

    - Smartphone readability of a high security anti-counterfeit mark (Motif Micro), as announced on 24 August 2018, is extraordinarily important for the company's prospects. It is a world leading breakthrough in taking highly secure anti-counterfeit solutions to the mass market for the first time. Smartphone readability is expected to accelerate both direct sales by YPB and its partners and licensing of Motif Micro technology to third parties.

    - The Connect serialisation and customer engagement platform is performing well after extensive rebuilds over 2017. It is a stable and scalable platform, offering highly costeffective anti-counterfeit and direct-to-customer marketing solutions.

    - The planned blockchain enablement of Connect is generating clear interest from potential channel partners and clients.

    3. Sales and revenue

    - As noted above, the company's sales staff, processes and culture have been rebuilt. Sales activity is high, as too are expectations of accelerated closures. Energy, focus and optimism pervade the sales teams.

    - Partners and channels have expanded and are active. New partners in Namaste, Australian Made and AliHealth and the rekindling of the Orora relationship should all increasingly bear fruit in H2 2018 and beyond.

    - Licensing interest in Motif Micro is high and the smartphone readability breakthrough is expected to bring opportunities forward. The payoff from this work, however, is more likely to be in H1 2019 due to the complexities of negotiations.

    4. Token Issue US$30m target

    - The probability of a successful Token Issue is high due to the new strategic partnership with a consortium of leading blockchain, crypto currency and crypto exchange experts as announced on 29 August 2018.

    - A successful Token Issue would create significant shareholder value and make the company financially robust.

    YPB's Executive Chairman John Houston said: "While I am pleased with the improved result, I am far from satisfied. Nevertheless, I am confident that the business has been transformed internally and that will become apparent externally via significantly improved financial results in the current and subsequent halves. Our opportunities are greater than ever and importantly, after false starts, we finally have the core team, processes and culture to capture them. I look forward to delivering significant success to shareholders in the second half. After years of building to this point, YPB is entering a dynamic new phase driven by accelerating new client wins, our world leading Motif Micro technology breakthrough and the prospect of financial strength from Token Issue success."

    Mr. John Houston 
    Executive Chairman
    YPB Group Limited
    Mr. Gerard Eakin
    YPB Group Limited

    0 0

    The directors present their report, together with the financial statements, on the consolidated entity (referred to hereafter as the "group") consisting of The BetMakers Holdings Limited (ASX:TBH) (OTCMKTS:TPBTF) (referred to hereafter as the "company", "TBH" or '"parent entity") and the entities it controlled at the end of, or during, the year ended 30 June 2018.

    Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer's report

    To my fellow shareholders,

    I am pleased to present the Annual Report for The BetMakers Holdings for the year ended June 30, 2018.

    This year has seen the transformation of the business back to the core principle of our existence with the launch of several internally-developed wagering products into the market.

    Utilising the TopBetta platform we were able to successfully demonstrate the significance of The BetMakers' platforms and products.

    The 'Wagering Platforms' performed well over this period and several features have been released in the previous 12 months to demonstrate leading technology, unique offerings and scalability to accommodate any small to medium-sized wagering operation.

    The Global Tote's successful launch in 2017/18 has seen it process more than $100million worth of bets since inception, again proving the scalability of our in-house technology.

    We have continued to develop these technologies and are now able to focus on a more scalable approach to the business and, with several key deals already announced to the market, we can now capitalise on the investment of our work to date.

    While taking our wholesale products and technology to the market over the past 12 months we spent a significant amount of money on marketing to ensure the successful roll-out and testing of these technologies. Approximately $5.3million was spent marketing through the year, which allowed the business to showcase the products and win acceptance in the market.

    On June 30, 2018, the company successfully sold its TopBetta and Mad Bookie assets for $6million, with $3million paid to date and a further $3million to be paid on or before September 30, 2018 as part of the deferred payment sale agreement.

    With the focus now on distribution of our products, platforms and technology, we have identified two key acquisition targets that operate precisely in this space and will further strengthen our product and service offerings both in the domestic and international markets. We have been pleased to be able to come to terms with both companies to acquire these businesses and bring them into The BetMakers' group of companies.

    We now believe we have the most innovative wagering technology and the most comprehensive distribution network to offer these products in Australia, and we are on target to expand this rapidly into the International markets throughout 2019.

    With the greater majority of Australian wagering operators already using at least some of The BetMakers group of company's products and services, we believe we are now integral in the Australian wagering landscape and about to leverage this combined group's extensive technology, products, service offerings and knowledge to be one of the most important and influential operations in the wagering world.

    To view the full report, please visit:

    Charly Duffy
    Company Secretary
    M: + 61-409-083-780
    Jane Morgan
    Investor & Media Relations
    M: +61-405-555-618

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    Anti-counterfeit and customer engagement solutions provider YPB Group Ltd (ASX:YPB) has secured its first significant clients with a powerful new distribution partner in China, CCN Technologies. This follows a rebuild of YPB's China sales capability, culture and market approach begun in April 2018. The possibilities in this new relationship mark it as the most significant commercial step by YPB in China since inception due to the scope of the opportunity. It also implicitly validates the quality of YPB's core anti-counterfeit solutions.

    - CCN Technologies new channel partner in China

    - First clients global majors in automotive and oil

    - Most significant commercial milestone since YPB has been in China

    - Validates advantages of YPB anti-counterfeit technologies

    CCN Technologies is a provider of anti-counterfeit technologies globally. Under a 3 year Master Services Agreement, CCN Technologies will supply YPB's patented, covert forensic anti-counterfeit tracer to its clients who will integrate YPB's tracer into their production processes.

    Two clients have been secured:

    - The first is one of the world's leading automotive producers who will use YPB tracer to protect after-market spare parts. Headquartered in the USA, it has a number of production sites throughout China and sells within China and exports globally.

    - The second is one of the world's leading oil companies who will use YPB tracer to protect lubricant within China from counterfeit. The lubricant market has seen a rapid increase in counterfeit over the past few years globally.

    CCN Technologies has numerous powerful, large clients of the above calibre and YPB and CCN will work together to protect more clients from counterfeit with YPB's advanced solutions.

    Market access in China has been extremely difficult for YPB. The original sales strategy of partnering with existing players as channels to market was rekindled in April 2018 but with a sales team reinvigorated with specific skills and contacts. The team is clearly building momentum and this relationship with CCN Technologies and its clients is the first validation of the team and strategy.

    It is also significant that an anti-counterfeit specialist such as CCN has chosen to include YPB's technology in its client offer. The implicit imprimatur of YPB's technologies is notable. The contract with CCN will commence in September 2018 and will initially be a moderate revenue contributor to YPB.(see Note below)

    YPB's Executive Chairman John Houston said: "Although we have achieved relationships with other channel partners in China in the past, most have proven disappointing. By contrast, CCN Technologies has already delivered clients of exceptional quality and scale, surpassing anything in our past and with further opportunity ahead. The new client relationships via CCN also open up new market verticals for YPB in Automotive, Petroleum and Lubricants in all relevant geographies. We are intent on making YPB China profitable and this first fruit of our refocused strategy is a significant stride toward realising that intention. I look forward to building a lucrative and mutually beneficial relationship with CCN."


    Please note:

    Modest revenue contribution:
    Moderate revenue contribution: > AUD100K
    Major revenue contribution: > AUD1m per annum

    Mr. John Houston 
    Executive Chairman
    YPB Group Limited
    Mr. Gerard Eakin
    YPB Group Limited

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    Collaborate Corporation Limited (ASX:CL8) (Collaborate or the Company) is pleased to provide an update on the Growth Opportunities first outlined on 30 April 2018 and updated in announcements released on 21 June and 31 July 2018.

    Short Term Car Rentals

    2+ day car rentals launched on 25 June 2018 (previous minimum rental period was 7 days) and over 300 vehicles in the DriveMyCar fleet now support rental periods of less than 7 days. 69% of the corporate fleet vehicles support minimum 2 day rentals which is particularly important as many of these vehicles are located at key demand locations, including Sydney and Tullamarine airports, which attract higher demand and can generate premium prices in holiday periods.

    In July 2018 16% of rental bookings were for rental periods of less than 7 days, with an average of 4 days per short term booking. DriveMyCar and its vehicle owners receive higher income per day for short term rentals. Gross Revenue per day for short term rentals in the month of July was 34% higher than for 7 day+ rental periods.

    Utilisation of Peugeot Vehicles and Unlimited Kilometre Feature

    Lengthy delays in registration of the Peugeot fleet of vehicles led to missed revenue opportunities in prior quarters; however, the fleet is now achieving strong utilisation rates. The Peugeot vehicles were first registered for rideshare use in Melbourne on 31 July and as of today 100% of those vehicles are rented or have forward bookings. In NSW 90% of the vehicles are rented or have forward bookings.

    The launch of unlimited kilometres for the Peugeot fleet has proven extremely popular and has contributed to the strong uplift in demand for these vehicles.

    Dealer Rental Solution

    The marketing campaign to engage automotive dealers as supply and handover locations is gaining momentum and now includes email, telephone and advertising components. Negotiations are underway with a number of prospects identified in this DriveMyCar campaign. Expressions of interest have been received from dealers in city and regional areas across Australia. Due to the complex financing and ownership structures typically held by automotive dealers for vehicles, the sign up process can be lengthy. Therefore, priority will be given to dealers that are positioned for faster onboarding.

    The campaign has been supplemented by the engagement of a telephone sales organisation which has achieved a 10% conversion rate from initial call to booked appointment which is considered to be very high for a cold call campaign. Activity has been further supplemented by an advertising campaign in motoring industry print publications, which is also generating inbound enquiries.

    Automotive dealers have been identified as being a key source of supply for the Car Subscription product due to be launched later in 2018. This has been the case in the USA where car subscription models are gaining traction.

    Apartment Car Share Pilot

    As announced on 31 July 2018, approval was received for the establishment of a 3 month Car Share Pilot in an apartment development on Sydney's north shore. Technical development has been completed and the communications campaign is in the final stages of development. The pilot remains on track for commencement of vehicle owner recruitment in the September 2018 Quarter.

    Collaborate Corporation Limited
    Tel: +61-2-8889-3641

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    DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO) (OTCMKTS:DRSHF) ("DroneShield" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has been accepted as a member of the Information Warfare Research Project consortium ("IWRP" or the "Consortium"), a consortium focused on advancing information warfare capabilities to enhance United States Navy and United States Marine Corps mission effectiveness.

    - DroneShield becomes a member of the Information Warfare Research Project ("IWRP") consortium.

    - A faster path to contracting with the U.S. Government.

    DroneShield was approved to join IWRP as a demonstrated technology leader with competencies in Cyber Warfare and Battlespace Awareness - key focus areas for the consortium. As a member of IWRP, DroneShield will gain access to US Space and Naval Warfare ("SPAWAR") Systems Command's Other Transaction Authority ("OTA") agreement previously awarded to the Consortium. The aggregate amount of this particular OTA across the Consortium is US$100 million over the next three year period, and the OTA will be used as a vehicle to advance information warfare technologies and innovation delivery to the U.S. fleet. The OTA enables the Consortium members to engage in a broad range of activities advancing such technologies and allows for the delivery of new technology faster and more efficiently than traditional U.S. federal acquisition requirements might permit.

    In a release made last month by the United States Navy, Rear Adm. C.D. Becker, commander of SPAWAR Systems Command was quoted as stating, "The IWRP OTA will accelerate acquisition and bring non-traditional sources, research and development labs, and industry together to provide new, innovative information warfare solutions." SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic Deputy Executive Director, Bill Deligne, was also quoted remarking on the use of OTAs, stating, "This mechanism is faster and more attuned to getting something quickly that we want today, as opposed to traditional federal acquisition. [...] While speed is a critical element, reaching beyond the traditional DoD industrial base, further into the commercial sector to capture new, innovative solutions, is also a key element of the IWRP."

    Oleg Vornik, Chief Executive Officer of DroneShied commented, "DroneShield is honoured to be accepted into the IWRP. A key advantage of participating in the IWRP is the ability to deliver DroneShield's solutions to the U.S. military under the OTA faster and more efficiently than through the traditional U.S. federal acquisition process."

    Oleg Vornik
    CEO and Managing Director
    Tel: +61-2-9995-7280

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    The Board of The BetMakers Holdings Limited (ASX:TBH) (OTCMKTS:TPBTF) ("Company") is pleased to announce that on 31 August 2018, it completed the acquisition of DynamicOdds Pty Ltd and C.D.K Software Limited, and took 100% ownership of the DynamicOdds business.

    In addition, as announced to the market in the release dated 28 August 2018 ("Announcement"), the Company has also completed the issue and allotment of 29,737,500 fully paid ordinary shares to raise approximately $2.4m, being the first tranche of the shortfall placement from the Company's recent entitlement offer ("Shortfall Placement").

    The first tranche of shares issued under the Shortfall Placement were issued to existing sophisticated and institutional shareholders without a disclosure document in accordance with section 708 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

    As set out in the Announcement, the second tranche of shares from the Shortfall Placement will be issued in conjunction with the release of a cleansing prospectus.

    To view Appendix 3B, please visit:

    Charly Duffy
    Company Secretary
    M: + 61-409-083-780
    Jane Morgan
    Investor & Media Relations
    M: +61-405-555-618

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    Your Directors submit the preliminary final report for Byte Power Group Limited (ASX:BPG) ("the group") and the entities it controlled at the end of, or during, the year ended 30 June 2018.

    Review of Operations


    For the year ended 30 June 2018, the group reports a net loss before tax of $10,202K compared with last year's reported profit of $697K. Revenues across all the business segments fell. Management was actively involved in the litigation suit with Soar Labs Pte Ltd and discussions with ASX and ASIC queries. Correspondingly, professional expenses in the form of legal costs increased significantly year on year from $31k for the year ended 30 June 2017 to $540K for the year ended 30 June 2018. The Group also incurred other expenses of $4.579M as a result of the impairment incurred due to the disposal of soar coins pursuant to the settlement with Soar Labs Pte Ltd and foreign exchange gains and losses.

    EBITDA loss for the year was $5.094M which excludes the impairment and is compared to an EBITDA profit of $1.11M the previous year.

    Revenues from ordinary activities in the financial year ended 30 June 2018 were $1.16M compared to $4.06M in the financial year ended 30 June 2017. This is largely due to the IT&T segment which did not contribute any sales this financial year as compared to $2.4M in the financial year ended 30 June 2017. There were no sales of the Wimobilize's Big Data solution during the period.

    For the year ended 30 June 2018, sales revenue generated from the Asian Business Division contributed to over 99% of total revenue for the group (30 June 2017: 40.4%). These sales revenues ($1.15M) represented a decline of 29.6% on the sales revenue for the Asian Business Division for the year ended 30 June 2017 ($1.64M). This decline was due in part to the continued austerity drive in China, one of our key markets affecting our wine sales. The group is looking at strengthening its distribution network and expanding its focus in other markets in Asia.

    On 1st January 2018, Byte Power Group Ltd ("BPG") was notified by Soar Labs Pte Ltd ("Soar Labs") that the current balance of 179,183,168 Soar Coins held by BPG and its subsidiary, Byte Power Pty Ltd ("BPPL") and 34,602,426 Soar Coins held by Mr Alvin Phua, a Director of the Company, had been temporarily suspended based on a number of allegations which were posted by Soar Labs on its website. The Board of BPG subsequently started legal action against Soar Labs for the recovery of the Soar Coins in Singapore where Soar Labs was based.

    On the 24th May 2018 Byte Power Group Ltd, its subsidiary Byte Power Pty Ltd, Mr Alvin Phua and Soar Labs reached an amicable settlement. As part of the settlement Soar Labs transferred the 49 shares it had previously acquired in BPPL for US$5M, to BPG for no consideration. Soar Labs Pte Ltd are also required to pay a total of US$1.85M in cash and cryptocurrency to BPPL, BPG and Mr Phua in three tranches over a twelve-month period. The settlement proceeds distribution was agreed between BPG, BPPL and Mr Phua and was based on the percentage of Soar Coins suspended. BPG, BPPL and Mr Phua have received the first tranche of settlement proceeds from Soar Labs Pte Ltd which included US$97,000, 372 Ether and 3,000,000 Soar Coins. The second settlement payment in the sum of US$579,800 is due on or before 24th November 2018 and the final settlement payment, consisting of US$800,000 and 2,000,000 Soar Coins is due on or before 24th May 2019.

    The Group incurred an impairment expense on settlement of $4.73M.

    The Group made significant progress on the development of its Cryptocurrency Exchange. Discussions with banking institutions are still ongoing in relation to the provision of pairing facilities. In August 2018, the Group opened registration for users of the Exchange.


    The Group is targeting the completion of the Cryptocurrency Exchange user interface developments and is expecting to launch its Cryptocurrency Exchange in Q4.

    BPG will continue to explore new and existing business opportunities for the wine distribution business in Asian Pacific with its 8 Eagles range.

    The Group continues to build its company profile and management team to support the opportunities in Asia to further develop the Asian Business Division and its Asian presence.

    This report is made in accordance with a resolution of the Directors.

    To view the full report, please visit:

    Michael Wee
    Company Secretary
    Byte Power Group Limited
    T: +61-7-3620-1688

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    Join Ellis Martin for a conversation with James Pettit, the CEO and President of Aben Resources (CVE:ABN) (OTCMKTS:ABNAF). In this interview Mr. Pettit discusses recent developments at the company's Forrest Kerr Project in British Columbia, Canada's Golden Triangle. Aben has intersected mineralization 1.5km south of the North Boundary Zone in a newly discovered area called the South Boundary Zone. We take a look at what's expected during the coming months.

    To view the Video Audio, please visit:

    Don Myers
    Aben Resources Ltd.
    Director, Corporate Communications 
    Telephone: 604-687-3376
    Toll Free: 800-567-8181
    Facsimile: 604-687-3119
    Ellis Martin
    T: +1-310-430-1388

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    Australian Securities Exchange and Frankfurt Stock Exchange cross listed iSignthis Ltd (ASX:ISX) (FRA:TA8) (the "Company"), is pleased to announce that it has contracted a major merchant in the MCC 6211 category (equities/brokers/market makers/FX/CFD), in Australia.

    The Company's contracted merchants for Australian acquiring include, IC Markets, EuropeFX, ForexFS, DVMarkets, GMTMarkets, Tradedirect365 and others, some of which are already transacting and contributing to revenue.

    The new merchant has a GPTV (Gross Processed Turnover Volume) of over AU$200m, and was most recently a NAB customer. It is anticipated that the merchant will come onstream and contribute to revenues within four to six (4-6) weeks. The aggregate contracted GPTV based upon the Company's due diligence review of historic merchant account statements, is now expected to be in excess of AU$880m across the EU and Australia, including JCB contribution.

    The Company has been throttling back transaction flow to below its contracted GPTV merchant maximums, due to changes arising from Apple's policy of protecting user privacy and ensuring compliance with the EU's new privacy regulations known as the GDPR, and the previously reported third party functional and/or throughput limitations. Apple's decision to restrict third party cookies to enhance privacy affected devices globally using its Safari browser, and was announced with minimal notice by Apple. The iSignthis solution is now based on a 'cookie-less' approach that allows for our embedded iFrame payment solution to work within payment applications, as well as within all types of recent mainstream browsers.

    ISXPay(R) throughput on Safari browsers is now restored in Australia and the EU as a result of resolving issues associated with Apple's blocking of third party cookies and cross site tracking on iOS and MacOS devices, and the Company is now ramping up transactional volumes and revenue flows.

    Further increased throughput is anticipated as partners complete upgrades to their systems over the next few weeks, and the Company's own Tier 1 connections come onstream per the timetable announced last week.

    iSignthis Ltd
    T: +61-3-8640-0990
    F: +61-3-8640-0953

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    Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (ASX:COB) (OTCMKTS:CBBHF) provides the Company's US and European Institutional Marketing Presentation.

    Cobalt Blue - Company Overview

    The Thackaringa Cobalt Project

    Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited (COB) is a cobalt exploration/development company focussedon the development of the Thackaringa Cobalt Project in New South Wales.

    The Thackaringa Project is 23 km west of Broken Hill and 400km by rail from Port Pirie, consists of four granted tenements (EL6622, EL8143, ML86 and ML87) with total area of 63km2. The main targets for exploration are large-tonnage cobalt-bearing pyrite deposits.

    The project area is under-explored, with the vast majority of historical exploration directed at or around the outcropping pyritic cobalt deposits at Pyrite Hill, the Railway Deposit and Big Hill.

    COB -Improved Economics -12 Month Catalysts

    Four key optimisation opportunities:

    - Process plant tailings handling and storage: LOM management of tailings (Capex + Opex). (Q4 2018).

    - Metal recoveries: Design criteria used during the PFS was based on batch testwork. Larger scale testing will be conducted during the BFS targeting increased metal recoveries. (Q2 2019).

    - Power pricing: Power represents 22% of site cash costs. Focus upon energy storage (batteries), process plant operating philosophies, frequency & grid stability options. (Q2 2019).

    - Mine life: Extend project life by treating ore from inferred inventories from known resources and from other sources beyond Thackaringa. (Q1 2019).

    To view the full presentation, please visit:

    Joe Kaderavek
    Chief Executive Officer
    Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited
    Ph: +61-2-9966-5629

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